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Hey, I'm new to DW, but I'm a big DN fan, and MxM is pretty much my favorite DN pairing, so I couldn't not join this comm. :)

Anyway, so that this isn't a pointless entry, I come with a fic! It's been on for awhile, so there's a chance you've already read it, but since I'm not a big name fandom writer or anything you probably haven't.

This is just a fun one shot I wrote for a friend [who, if I can get her to join DW, I'll totally get to join this comm~ xD], but it's the only MxM kind of fic I have, so yeah. OTL


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05.22.09 (UTC)
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Ooooh~ I liked your fic. x] It was cute! ♥

Welcome to the community! -tosses confetti at-
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